Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Builing Society

Bespoke coaching results in profitable partnership and promotion

What we did

Wescott Williams provided coaching to a new team at Nationwide Building Society set up to negotiate terms with a major supplier in line with stringent new regulations laid down by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

The approach

Wescott Williams worked first with the senior executive leading the team to provide training on specific tactics, strategies and tools for successful negotiation. The programme was expanded to include the entire team, helping create team alignment, and focussing on wider influencing skills. We also provided feedback and practical advice after the meeting that took place as part of the negotiation process.

The results

The team was extremely successful in its negotiation, which was carried out within an incredibly short timescale. The team was commended for its success and the team leader received an internal PRIDE Award from his CEO in recognition of his leadership role.

“The work the team did with Wescott Williams impacted directly on the outcome of these crucial negotiations. Their help was invaluable in helping to improve the skills and techniques required for successful negotiation”.

Andrea Tully, Nationwide’s Talent Development Manager