New skills help change lives

Our ongoing development programme for medical professionals in India, Nepal, Tanzania, Egypt and Guatemala is helping dramatically increase the number of life-changing eye surgeries in some of the world’s poorest countries.

What is Aravind?

Aravind is the world’s largest eye care specialist, delivering care to communities in rural India via the Aravind Eye Care System, developed to tackle needless blindness. This unique system is now being replicated as a best-practice model across deprived communities around the globe.

What we do

We help Aravind put the steps in place to ensure that its groundbreaking system can be easily and consistently replicated, in order to ensure that an increasing number of potentially life-changing eye surgeries can be performed

Why we do it

Wescott Williams has worked with Aravind’s consultants for over 12 years, providing training, development and coaching on a not-for-profit basis.

Aravind set a target of building 100 eye hospitals across India and aims to perform one million surgeries each year. In addition, it is working with partner organisations to develop Centres for Community Ophthalmology in India, Nepal, Tanzania, Egypt and Guatemala.

The more hospitals and specially trained consultants Aravind is able to invest in, the faster the backlog of vital eye operations will be tackled.

The scenario

The success of this ambitious programme hinges on developing start-up teams of skilled consultants to articulate and demonstrate:

  • Why the Aravind eye care system should be introduced into partner hospitals
  • How a free eye care service is sustained by using fees paid by those who can afford them to provide free eye care for those who cannot
  • How partner hospitals can deliver the performance and quality standards of the Aravind model

The approach

We train, develop and coach Aravind’s consultants, introducing them to new theories that help them gain a broader understanding of their consulting challenges and support them in the development of new skills. We also provide on-the-ground support to review their learning and help ensure the workshop and training’s practical application has been successful. An intranet site offers them the opportunity to join an on-line community where they can share issues, progress and learning.

The results

Aravind is nearly 30% of the way towards achieving its target of performing one million eye surgeries annually.

Wescott Williams has helped the cause by supporting corporate goals and changing mindsets to ensure that best-practice can be delivered more efficiently.

Aravind has been awarded a $1 million prize from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in recognition of the huge success and international reach of its Eye Care System and the role it has played in preventing and curing blindness in some of the world’s poorest countries.

“Wescott Williams continues to work with Aravind as part of its own social responsibility programme which involves committing 10% of staff time and 10% net profit to social impact objectives”.
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