Pan-European Card Scheme

Pan-european Card Sheme

Best practice sales process enables significant domestic processing breakthrough

What we did

Wescott Williams has supported a not for profit member-owned card organisation that provides the brand, systems, services and rules that help make electronic payments between millions of European consumers, retailers and businesses and governments happen.

Its revenue is generated by the licensing of branded products by issuing banks, processing transactions and selling its processing services to its member organisations.

Wescott Williams worked with the Processing Sales division to develop a best practice sales process that has enabled the organisation to rapidly accelerate the winning of two highly strategic domestic processing markets.

Why we did it

Ubiquitous in the UK, the organisation was looking to more effectively sell its processing capabilities, not only to existing members, but also to untapped domestic markets.

This would rely on creating a coherent sales culture and sales process.

The scenario

Newly created to facilitate the desired processing expansion into new domestic markets, the processing sales division comprised 17 talented and committed individuals that were not really working together as a team. There was no common goal, no pre-agreed sales plan or messages, no cohesive agreement around what they were selling and no common understanding about what the end customers’ requirements might be.

The approach

Wescott Williams provided coaching via facilitated workshops that enabled the team to work together to define and develop the epitome of good sales practice.

These workshops focussed on supporting the team to develop its own best practice manual that articulates what great sales means and the agreed sales process, including lead identification and prioritisation, research, customer engagement, needs analysis/proposition development, closing and delivery.

This self-directed development approach was used to first build confidence and belief in the proposition and then ensure team engagement in the entire sales process from goal setting to delivery.

The results

Developing the Best Practice Sales Process has created a culture of cohesion and collaboration within the Processing Sales team which has directly resulted in selling the organisation’s processing services into both Turkey and Sweden.

These major business wins, cumulatively worth many millions of Euros, have been directly attributed to the development work that Wescott Williams undertook.

The processing revenue earned from these successes will enable the organisation to continue to invest in the development of its systems and services, benefiting the sponsors that support it and those outside institutions that take advantage of its superior processing capabilities.

“I can categorically say that these new markets would not have been secured so swiftly without having undertaken the work we did with Wescott Williams.
Colin Williams has a unique ability to draw out of people what they already know, making them look with fresh eyes at what they do best and how that can be applied to deliver against targets. We now have a team fully capable of replicating these significant successes across the rest of Europe”.

A spokesperson for the Processing Sales division