We understand business and people. It’s our professional talent.

Whether we are working with you to improve your company’s organisational performance, or as an individual to maximise your own personal potential, we make lasting and powerful change happen.

We give you the tools to make a difference, empowering you to achieve your goals.

Our coaching programmes differ for every client, as they are designed in partnership with the individuals or teams involved to support a unique set of circumstances. Our client centred approach is at the heart of everything we do. We enable leaders and professionals to find the root cause of performance blocks and leverage future productivity.

This means:

  • Starting where you are, not where we think you are
  • Helping you decide what data or information to collect
  • Helping you make sense of data rather than delegating the analysis to us
  • Providing models/conceptual frameworks to help you make make decisions about courses of action
  • Helping you gain commitment to the plan of action
  • Assisting you with the implementation of decisions and arranging follow up where appropriate
  • Ensuring you retain ownership of the solution, and do not become dependent on others

The benefits of that change can be an increase in profits, more sales, improved efficiency, more effective leadership, better teamwork, easier decision making, or even a new job. The role of coaching, indeed our role at Wescott Williams, is to create the capacity for continuous improvement, development and success. We do this through enabling and supporting people and organisations to make the best use of their talent.

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Case Study

Case Study - Hull Kingston Rovers

One to one coaching from Wescott Williams enabled one of Rugby League’s most talented coaches achieve his true potential.

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Case Study - Acteon

We created a management development and succession programme for Acteon, one of the world’s leading subsea engineering specialists serving the offshore oil and gas industry.

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Case Study - Zurich

We worked with long-standing business partner, Zurich to build a best-practice model and associated development programme to support staff and build business.

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