Engaged employees that are aligned to a company’s mission, vision and values create a highly motivated and committed workforce; one that works hard for the benefit of the whole organisation in good times and in bad.

Many things can stand in the way of engagement; from market uncertainty and major change (downsizing, industrial action, mergers, change of management, etc) to lack of capability and poor communications channel.

At Wescott Williams we apply a holistic approach to enabling and embedding engagement. We don’t just look at creating leadership vision and building management capability. Equally important is how we work alongside clients to create a culture where they can engage each and every strata of their organisation, opening up two way communication channels that make all the difference between getting someone on side wholeheartedly or half-heartedly, permanently or temporarily.

Our team combines organisational development, employee engagement and classic communications specialists who work together to create thoroughly evaluated, strategic and measurable programmes designed to improve organisational performance through boosting engagement.

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Case Study

Case Study - Cancer Research

We improved managers’ coaching skills through a Coaching for Performance programme which was implemented across the organisation’s retail division (a department of 1,000 people).

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Case Study - English Heritage

We developed a sales programme to improve membership recruitment that resulted in sustained and substantial increases in strike rates (visitors to English Heritage sites being converted into members), with membership now accounting for more than £18 million as opposed to just over £12 million when Wescott Williams first started working with this client.

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Case Study - Playdale

We helped manufacturing company Playdale select and recruit first class people for key positions in the company. Established in 1786, this family owned and run business, develops, manufactures and installs outdoor play equipment.

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